Forms with function.

Collect information from anyone, anywhere. Then organize and put it to use – all within Airtable.

Power your team with Airtable

A view for every work style.

Drag & Drop Creation

Create customized forms in seconds. Choose what fields will appear in your form, drag and drop them into any order you choose, and give each one a custom description.

Seamless Integration

Form responses appear seamlessly in the Airtable spreadsheet interface, without any additional effort on your end. You’ll be able to start collecting feedback and working with responses right away.

Powerful Workflows

ways to increase efficiency and be more organized.

Beyond Data Collection

You’ll have complete control over everything in Airtable. Filter and organize responses, add private notes, tag coworkers, overwrite respondent entries, and otherwise manage things any way you’d like.

Simplified Scheduling

If your form asks for a date or time, Airtable can display responses as a calendar to help you keep organized. You can also view a calendar based on the times responses were submitted.

Upload Support

Unlike other forms and survey services, Airtable lets you upload and share files up to 1GB in size. Users can preview uploaded documents right in Airtable instead of downloading them.

Works Everywhere

Airtable forms work on virtually any device, in any browser. This means they’ll always work as expected for your audience, and you’ll always have access to the responses.

Limitless Flexibility

The power of a database, the simplicity of a spreadsheet, and the instant accessibility of an app. Airtable gives you everything you need to organize anything.

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