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The Players’ Tribune was founded by baseball legend Derek Jeter. It provides a platform for athletes to share their stories in their voice. One of the big challenges for the team is managing the workflow between editors and writers, who, unlike in a typical newsroom, are all part-time, remote, and beholden to multimillion-dollar contracts and nearly year-round travel schedules for their “day jobs.”

Collaboration without compromise

“Having an outlet entirely focused on content created by athletes seemed like a savvy direction,” explains deputy editor Dan Treadway. “There were a lot of outlets providing news and mock drafts, but there weren’t a ton of stories providing context on what made athletes tick. Our model for story creation was unique because we formed collaborations between athletes with great stories and seasoned editors who understood how to organize a great story.”

“Tools and services like Airtable help give the team a bird’s eye view of everything we’re working on, allowing immediate collaboration.” Treadway continues, “If someone sees something that they can help out with, they can jump right in on a project.”

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