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Startup Grind isn’t just an online community. The global collective of entrepreneurs has spread to over 600 chapters around the globe and members meet regularly at local meetups.

International scale

Startup Grind hosts two international conferences every year in London and Silicon Valley. These conferences bring together an impressive roster of leaders (over 8,000) from around the world for two days of programming.

For the team putting it all together, responsibilities range from conducting outreach to scheduling speakers to designing collateral to physically setting up the event–it takes a very detailed and efficient project management workflow. Airtable has become central to the planning and execution of their events.

Workflow highlights

  • Although there’s a huge amount of data in the base, team members can still use views, filtering, and sorting to prevent information overload, making it as useful for individual micro tasks as it is for multi-stage projects. They can even use embeddable views to share information externally without compromising any internal data. “We’re able to push it live in various formats, so that our attendees and people on our team can see the schedule,” Grace Lancaster, an Event Coordinator at Startup Grind, shared.
  • Having all the information in one place makes it easy for the team to coordinate next steps. Organizing volunteers and templating their tasks is an example of this. “It cuts down on unnecessary conversations between teammates and provides a resource for my team to check back in on when they have questions–instead of trying to find me or ask me while I’m running around on event day,” said Lancaster.
  • An Airtable form is sent out to every speaker with fields for headshots, bios, and other details. Their responses are saved in the team’s base and linked to their agenda content, allowing them to easily coordinate scheduling–making it a tool that all stakeholders can engage with.
  • Compared to the team’s earlier efforts of using disparate tools, using Airtable as a project management tool has made a big difference to their organizational efficiency.

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