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Almost every team at the company uses Airtable. What started as a means of tracking onboarding deadlines with clients has since grown to serve many use cases.

Promoting connectivity

It’s intuitive that a work environment where employees feel connection and loyalty towards their colleagues is less likely to see turnover. Yet, three years ago, Isa Watson saw few tools in the marketplace that approached employee engagement as a vital business objective.

Watson founded Envested in 2015 to serve as a workforce engagement tool to build real-world connections and shared experiences between employees. Whether it’s biking with your colleagues or sprucing up the local park, individual employees (or the company) are able to create and promote internal events, which can be categorized by different interest areas.

Envested works with mid-sized but fast-growing companies such as Jet, Carbon, and Greenhouse. Elizabeth Smith, an Operations and Customer Success Manager, noticed a growing redundancy in the tools they were using and suspected that the team weren’t benefitting from the level of complexity of some of them.

“Airtable keeps things fairly simple and easy to discover, so you’re able to simplify otherwise complex processes, but still have the functionality that you need,” says Smith.

I think that we’ve all become a little bit more self-sufficient in Airtable. We’re able to work transparently and communicate what’s needed.

Elizabeth Smith

Operations and Customer Success Manager

Workflow highlights

  • To onboard new clients, Smith and her team use a templated Airtable base that sequences the proper steps, collaborators, and provides helpful resources like draft emails or support articles.
  • They use an external, client-facing base with grid, kanban, and calendar views to display tasks, stages, and deadlines. This base is used to generate meeting agendas.
  • The team implemented an internal tracking system for customer health, using forms to build a survey. Within another table in the same base, the team assesses the ratings and customer health categories to create a wiki of recommended actions and responses.
  • The Envested team utilizes Airtable for a variety of other business objectives. Almost every team at the company now uses Airtable: customer success, product, sales CRM, fundraising, content management, PR, and freelancer management.

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