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HubSpot Academy is a global platform for marketing and sales professionals to gain certifications in their industries, from inbound marketing certifications to SEO expertise–with hundreds of people completing certifications each day.

More comprehensive product management

As the Principal Program Strategist, Julien Clement manages HubSpot Academy’s growth, ensuring timely results and identifying opportunities for improvement. A typical day for Clement involves three to four hours of meetings, running status checks on the multitude of ongoing projects, tracking impact, and brainstorming future offerings.

“We had been using Google Docs to have some visibility into what our professors were working on. Are they doing scripting for video A?” Clement explains, “Our video editors need to know, ‘When is that supposed to be done so that I can take the video and edit it?’ And then, once the video’s edited, when can we launch it? There’s a lot of moving parts in there, and it became unworkable because we weren’t able to be efficient.”

We save a lot of time and headaches by having a holistic project management model: storing all of our content, knowing what needs to be updated or what needs to be localized... We can actually do real product management now!

Julien Clement

Principal Program Strategist

Workflow highlights

  • Each person (or team) has the ability to leverage their own custom, filtered views in order to ascertain what demands their attention, whether at the task or project level.
  • Formulas allowed HubSpot Academy to automate their processes. Everyone associated with a project could already be tagged and anyone on the team could already see the activities within the project. Now they can also see the percentage to completion, how projects are pacing based on deadlines, and more.

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