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Each award season, BET produces live events that are broadcast to its 91M household viewership.

And the winner is...

During her tenure at the company, Candice Grevious has seen her role evolve from an intern, fresh out of college, to a Digital Content Manager. Her role entails overseeing digital production for BET’s largest tentpole award shows: the BET Awards, Soul Train Awards, Black Girls Rock!, Social Awards, and Hip Hop Awards. This means producing a variety of content meant to extend the reach of the events and engage audiences around the world.

For each award special, she collaborates with various teams (design, product, brand creative, ad sales, and integrated marketing) to produce the content and host it on a microsite–everything from artist interviews to backstage videos, interactive features to voting, and more. Every team has its own distinct workflow using various tools like Google Sheets, Docs, Basecamp, Wufoo, and more. Candice sought to consolidate the workflows and adopted Airtable as a means of getting everyone on the same page, both figuratively and literally.

Our content plan went from a document that was only helpful to me to a resource that is used by everyone on the team.

Candice Grevious

Digital Content Manager

Workflow highlights

  • Lookup fields allowed BET to connect the sponsorship grid with the content plan. Instead of sending a spreadsheet back and forth, the brand solutions, ad ops, and content team can now synchronously track their various campaigns and be notified of any updates.
  • Personal and team views were essential when collaborating with so many members–they helped distill the most important information to various roles and teams.
  • Slack integrations allow for each team to be alerted when projects progress to their wheelhouse.

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